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4 Kennel Road
County Down
BT30 8NS

Our Environment Policy  
  As a grower of garden plants which enhance our visual landscape Irish garden Plants is committed to ensuring that throughout production and distribution all activities will be undertaken in a manner which protects the environment in which we operate and prevents pollution.

Environmental Performance
Irish Garden Plants is committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution by reducing the environmental impacts that arise from its activities and delivery of its services.

Through the implementation of an Environmental Management System we will:

• Identify and assess the environmental impact of our practices
• Take all practical steps to eliminate waste
• Take all practical steps to reduce the accumulation of waste
• Recycle most of the waste produced, in particular with source separation of each waste

Legal Requirements
Irish Garden Plants makes the commitment to comply fully and where possible exceed the requirements of applicable legislation and regulations and any other environmental requirements through the application of Best Practice techniques.

This policy shall be communicated, understood and practiced by all our staff. We shall raise awareness of the EMS Policy among all those working for or on behalf of the company through appropriate training and dissemination of information. We will review this policy and associated practices at least every two years.

We will ensure Irish Garden Plants Environmental Policy is readily available to the public.
Irish Garden Plants (Naghan Ltd NI 51273)