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Tel: 028 4481 1711 (from South use 048)
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4 Kennel Road
County Down
BT30 8NS

Our mission and values  
  Our Mission

Irish Garden Plants will always strive to provide quality plants for our customers to enjoy and treasure.

Our mission will be supported by our VALUES, which define to the world and ourselves who we are and what we stand for.

Our Values

We are customer driven and they can expect from us -

• Exceeding our customers’ expectations.
• Listening to and learning from our customers and our customers’ customers.
• Responding quickly and accurately to our customer’s requirements.
• Making it easy and enjoyable for our customers to do business with us.
• Working in partnership with our customers.

We recognise the importance of our people

• To deliver our mission requires great people who share the following values -
o Honesty and courteousness,
o Committed to working cooperatively in a team and with others,
o Pride in their work,
o Willingness to develop their skills and knowledge,
o Passion for helping customers and growing quality plants
• We are committed to a workplace where all people -
o Are treated fairly and with respect,
o Are empowered to take the initiative and to do what is right,
o Have opportunities to develop their skills,
o Their accomplishments are recognised and successes shared,
o Share in developing the business goals and standards.

We operate with integrity and take responsibility for our actions including

• Honouring our agreements.
• Participating in our community (citizenship).
• Pro actively improving our impact on our environment.
• Operating within our legal requirements.

We strive for excellence which will be achieved by

• Setting our goals and standards very high because we know we can achieve great things.
• Continually seeking to improve the consistent quality of our customer services and plants
• Constantly searching for innovation in product, production processes and business development.

Doug Thomson
For Irish Garden Plants
And on behalf of all our employees
Thursday 27th November 2003
Irish Garden Plants (Naghan Ltd NI 51273)